Young Professionals’ Guide to Fitness


Young Professionals’ Guide to Fitness: Life is Chaotic, Exercise Doesn’t Need to Be is written by Dr Brittany Harrison, an ex-national and varsity athlete, young medical doctor and long term health and fitness fanatic.

“Remember when we were kids and teenagers? I played sports like it was my job and I was in such great shape until real life set in. I was lucky enough to play varsity soccer at University, or “college” as you Americans call it, but when I went off to medical school, my athletic career started to dwindle. I was determined to keep fit, even during 80-hour work weeks, nights sleeping in the hospital, studying in the wee hours of the morning and getting up to serve and learn again.

With a background in varsity and national soccer, I am grateful to have learned from a variety of strength and conditioning coaches throughout my career. This diversity has given me a broad spectrum of exercises to work with, and I have tailored my regimes to get the best bang for your buck.

Trust me, this works! As long as you stay in a routine, remain committed, and are ready to make small changes to your diet also, I can guarantee you will get the results you want and be able to MAINTAIN this throughout your young professional life!

This book will include my own strength work outs with variability options, links to YouTube sites that I use, my own ab routine, tips on how to stay on track, nutritional advice and more! If you follow along with these work outs, I guarantee you will see results if you are truly dedicating yourself to it. Trust me, I’m a doctor!”

Publication history:
2016 Intanjible Publishing 978-0-9936763-8-3

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